Michael and Mom Talk Cancer

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Michael and mom (ashlee) on The Rachael Ray Show

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February LOVE, from ashlee

February, 2023 To my unwavering family that I simply appreciate more and more and more and more (and more……), as time passes and our journey continues, February is the month of love. It is impossible to avoid the hearts everywhere we go, in stores, in the hospital, even the filters on our social media. Call…

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January 2023, from ashlee

To my beautiful, beautiful, dear friends, I think that every update tends to have a kind of thread or theme. Not really on purpose, but it just kind of happens, depending on what we are going through. Since Christmas, our recurring theme seems to be gratitude. Gratitude and love. Both have always been there, but…

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About us
and the show

20 year old Michael Cramer and his mom Ashlee Cramer talk cancer, how this tragedy changed their lives for the better, and gave them the courage to motivate and inspire others. Michael had been an athletic, healthy teenager. He was a surfer and sailor, rarely sick, never hospitalized. July 14, 2020 a routine blood test led to a life-changing cancer diagnosis. From day 1 Michael and his mom have embraced sharing their experience and the lessons they have learned on social media and now you can listen as they tell this story in more depth, from both perspectives, as well as special guest interviews..

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I just binged both episodes of the podcast. so well done. congrats. This is so incredible. It was so easy to listen to, as well.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Just listened. Great chemistry. Very real. And have to give it to you both for good production quality, as well.


You can help support the show and Michael

The Gofund Me was set up to pay for Michael’s treatment and to allow Michael’s mom to be with him full-time. Michael and his mom are sharing their story via the podcast and on social media, in the hopes of motivating, inspiring, spreading awareness and hope.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Stage 4 survivor. Would love to catch up. My wife and I started Living Hope Cancer Foundation. It’s free cancer coaching. Tell ya more when we catch up. Getupandlive.org


    1. Hi Chuck! Thank you for reaching out!
      We can definitely catch up! Can you email me?


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