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Michael and Mom both talk cancer, 2 views, 2 voices, a lot of passion

Hi! We are Michael and Ashlee, AKA “Michael and Mom”. We have been through a cancer diagnosis, chemo, radiation, a bone marrow transplant and more, all in the space of just over a year! We want to bring in you in to our story, share our inspirational moments, our struggles, our joys, our pain. Whether or not you have experienced cancer, we have all experienced life, and hopefully our messages will bring us closer together.

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An emotional week, from ashlee

It is November 15th, 2022. The first time in 3 years that we are not admitted to the hospital for the Thanksgiving holidays. There is still a week to go, so I should probably knock on wood. He has not been feeling great, lower hemoglobin than usual, but he is stable (she says as she…More

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Here’s what happened in August….

It is time to reach out again, to bring you in close, hug you tightly, and share the next chapter in this story that started out as a terrifying cancer diagnosis, but has turned into a spiritual journey, an emotional awakening, mental enlightenment….with probably more ongoing physical health AND life challenges than we had imagined!…More

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Rapping about Body Image

Michael and I recently shared another fun (but honest) rap……. We might not be “gansta” but we are certainly real. Flaws, scars, successes, failures, ups and downs……… We feel so passionate about our podcast, and we love this blog and our BMT merch, but we truly have a blast making music and videos together.…More

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July 2022 lessons, 2 years after diagnosis, from ashlee

It is July 14th, 2022, the middle of the summer, and finally, this summer, so many people are traveling again, going on vacations, flying, driving, boating, experiencing!  Covid is still there, lingering, but life is finally more than zoom and facetime, online activities, and being confined to home. Families and friends are gathering, going to…More

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Before cancer Michael was a regular, kind-of-extra-cool, athletic, college kid from Miami Beach. He was part of the Olympic Development Team for Windsurfing, along with his older brother, Steven. They grew up in the ocean, surfing and even traveled the world going to windsurfing competitions. Ashlee, a single mom of 3 (amazing!) kids, Steven, Michael and Jennifer, was an early childhood educator, teaching music and dance to the families in and around Miami. She was the creative director of Zumbini, a program she wrote for Zumba Fitness, and her life was all about her family and sharing music, dance and joy! When Michael was diagnosed with Hepatosplenic Lymphoma in July of 2020, their world stopped. But the family decided to share the story, hoping to inspire others, to maybe raise awareness, to take this tragedy and make it a matter. They have been constantly been reminded of so many of life’s lessons and want to take this time to share the laughter, the love, the light they have received from the most unexpected places. We are all in this together. #strongertogether Read more

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Broken hearted…. from ashlee

We just found out that a boy we know, a 20 year old survivor, warrior, man/child, friend, BMT brother, passed away.  Cancer.  More like complications from cancer.  People die every day.  Every minute.  Every second. But it hurts us when it is someone we know.  Or someone we have a connection with.  This 20 year…More

April…. from ashlee….

The last month has been intense and Michael has gone through tough moments. The toughest. I feel like I should backtrack a bit…… you know his story. Diagnosis. Chemo. Radiation. Transplant. Immunosuppression. A lot of rules. Limited foods he could eat, limited contact with friends, no going out, just hospital and home. No beach. No…More

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One Year Anniversary of Michael’s BMT, from ashlee’s side

It is October and that means Fall and Halloween, hurricane season is almost behind us, basketball season ahead of us, school schedules are finally becoming routine.  But for me and our tiny close knit family of 4, this October also means the anniversary of life, a first birthday, new DNA, and another huge milestone realized. …More