Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 4, the first 100 days


Going home from the hospital after Michael’s life saving Bone Marrow Transplant was not as simple as they had anticipated.  Just getting in the car after spending over a month at the hospital was challenging and eye-opening.  From being reunited with their kitty cat, to facing the million and one rules they had to follow to keep Michael safe from bacteria in his completely immunosuppressed state, from celebrating Christmas Eve at home with his siblings, to being readmitted to the hospital with graft versus host disease again…. and again….. and again….. somehow this mother and son still manage to laugh as they share their inspirational story of how cancer and a bone marrow transplant changed their lives forever and for the better.   Those first hundred days include shout outs from the Miami Heat players, tiktoks with nurses and doctors, and honest moments of love and struggle.  Listen to the next episode of this painful but beautiful story, and hopefully you will be inspired, just as Michael and his mom have been inspired to share with you…..


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