Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 8, The ONE year anniversary


In this episode, Michael and his mom celebrate Michael’s one year anniversary (new birthday!) of his Bone Marrow Transplant.   The fact that Michael is alive and sharing his perspectives, along with his mom, Ashlee, is pretty miraculous. The mom and son laugh and share a few humorous moments, but also reflect on how impactful this year has been in their lives and the lives of those around them.   From Benedryl, to dancing, to praying Michael would make it through the night, this episode shares a little of everything.



  1. Christina Broxterman says:

    Thank you for this. You all are incredible! My kiddo has GVHD of the liver post BMT- its a slow recovery; hang in there. Sending you all love. Xo


    1. You are tooooo kind! THANK YOU! Sending YOU love as well! How is your kiddo doing?? It is slow going, but we have tons of faith that he is on the right path!


      1. Christina M Broxterman says:

        Will has turned the corner. He is at college and slowly getting his strength back. I watch you two together and am reminded so much of our 230+ days inpatient and many more outpatient — your audio reminded me of the good times and silver linings we had. I can’t wait for Michael to turn the corner too. (Will’s diseases were B-cell ALL and plasma blastic lymphoma (PBL); PBL has never been treated but he received a compassionate use CART after his BMT which cleared it for over 9 months now. His BMT was 9/2020.) Hang in there you all are an inspiration to many. XO


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