Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 9, Beauty in Pain


In this episode, Michael and his mom talk about the “Beauty in Pain.”   After celebrating the one year anniversary of his Bone Marrow Transplant, Michael was hit with a big setback, gallstones.  It should have been an easy fix, but with his complicated liver GVHD it led to a month and a half hospital admission, 5 weeks of only IV nutrition (TPN), 2 surgeries, many medications and so much pain, more than even he BMT.  However, through this difficult admission the mom and son found so much beauty! From nurses staying after hours to chat, to residents dancing next to his bed, to doctors and specialists all approaching Michael with so much hope and optimism, the balance of good, of human connection, of love, somehow even outweighed the bad…… another huge life lesson…… Michael and his mom share the tale of this last hospital admission with perhaps a quieter tone, not quite as much laughter, but more hope and appreciation than ever.


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