Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 11: Giving up, but coming back


In this episode, Michael and his mom talk about how Michael hit an all time low emotionally…. he was ready to give up and stop his Post BMT treatment. Yet, somehow at his lowest point he found that human contact, sharing his vulnerability, and turning to his doctors for his mental health, which is as important, if not more so than physical health, helped him find the strength to accept where he was, and then to move forward again.   This episode is special, as Michael reveals what he felt was his weakness, but has become his strength, vulnerability. Join Michael and his mom Ashlee as they talk through another challenging, but hopefully relatable situation.



  1. Edi says:

    We love you and God loves you even more+Thank you both for sharing. You are such an inspiration! Prayers and love+


    1. Thank you Edi!!!!!! Prayers and love – i am sure THAT is our blessing- all the prayers and love have given us so much to be grateful for, even during this challenge….. love back to YOU!


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