Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 12, Rewiring Your Brain


In this episode, Michael and his mom talk about how coming home takes a little “rewiring of the brain”.  After months in the hospital, coming home is not as easy as they thought it would be.  A chance meeting with a random stranger on the beach, led to a deep conversation about the patience needed to change from an invalid to a young man recovering at home.  Flipping the switch is not immediate, and not simple.  Patience, balance, two of the words that seem to come up over and over again.  Join Michael and his mom Ashlee as they talk through another challenging, but hopefully relatable situation.



  1. Ellen Snow says:

    I am learning so much by reading your blog and listening to your podcasts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    1. Ellen! Thank you so very much for listening! This means the world to Michael and to me…… are you or a family member or friend going through anything similar? Again, thank you for listening and reading… we appreciate it so much. much love,


      1. Ellen says:

        Hi Ashlee,
        I am Fiona’s grandma, John’s mom. Fiona is doing Great and getting ready to start VPK! She is jumping and laughing. My heart is full.
        I especially appreciate your comments and candor about coming home post treatment. It helps me so much. P.S. Madeleine showed me the video of Michael with his Lego Ferrari.


      2. Ellen! We JUST saw them here in the hospital! Fiona looks like a different chid. She is laughing and outgoing and talked to us. wow. My heart is so full…. Your son John and Madeleine are just too wonderful. I love them with all my heart. We share a bond forever…… It is wonderful to “meet” you via the website and I hope to meet you in person on day! So much LOOOOOVE to you! PS AND thank you for listening to the podcast- that makes us so incredibly happy


  2. Ellen Snow says:

    Michael and Ashlee, Have a beautiful and blessed day! I’m so glad you had a chance to see JMad and Fiona yesterday. I am so proud of them.


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