Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 13, a candid conversation about body image and loving yourself!


In this episode, Michael and his mom have a relaxed conversation, uncut and unedited, on the topic of body image. Michael’s body has been through so much in the last 2 years, so many changes, from a 165lb athletic surfer to 130lb post transplant recipient, to 170 pounds of bloating and weight gain from prednisone to treat his Graft Versus Host Disease, and now to 120 pounds, trying to recover from near fatal liver failure.  Michael has been left with scars over his body, outside and inside, but as his mom points out, he is still the same Michael, no matter how he has looked.  The scars only make him better.  More Michael.  More lovable.  He has used working out, not to necessarily improve how he looks, but how he feels.  Join Michael and his mom Ashlee as they talk about this relevant topic from perhaps a different perspective.  LOVE yourself, is the greatest message yet.


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