Rapping about Body Image

Michael and I recently shared another fun (but honest) rap…….


We might not be “gansta” but we are certainly real. Flaws, scars, successes, failures, ups and downs………

We feel so passionate about our podcast, and we love this blog and our BMT merch, but we truly have a blast making music and videos together. Music is a way of expression, a way to find joy, to ease pain, to feel emotion, to cope…… singing and dancing is like a straight pathway to love. And communication. And maybe, while healing ourselves through music, we have found a different way to share with you…. Making the hard lessons a little easier to swallow….. like this one. Body image might sound pretty trivial when you are fighting for your life, but it’s still a pretty big deal in our world. Especially for a 21 year old. We have seen Michael go from muscular athlete, to rail thin after chemo and transplant, to gaining so much weight on steroids that his face was almost unrecognizable, then just a few months ago to seriously sick and skin-and-bones on IV nutrition, but now, finally, recovering. Miraculously. At last, he is able to work on building strength again, to feel better, to be healthy, to heal body, mind and soul. Working out to look good has been replaced by working out to feel good. We talked about body image on our Michael & Mom Talk Cancer podcast recently, and maybe the most important message is that through every single physical change, Michael is still Michael. Even if his body and face changed, his heart has remained my beautiful kid. Funny, smart, cute, goofy, inspirational and motivational, (with a little torturing of his sister on the side!). He’s even willing to rap and make a goofy video with his mom. Not many 21 year boys would have the courage to do that, I think. As I say in my bars: The people that we love the most their looks are secondary, Your attitude, your spirit is what makes you legendary. Working out like every day we changed our motivation, getting healthy getting stronger bein’ an inspiration. Wanna feel good not look good sounds lame but it’s so true, Gotta love yourself as much as Michael and mom we love you.

We do love you……

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