Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 15, ECP with humor, lessons, and connection


In this episode, Michael and his mom sit and chit chat around their dining room table.  A very impromptu episode, they laugh and joke about some of their hospital adventures, acknowledging that humor has been a key to getting through the rough moments.  Not only humor, but connecting to others.  These two are blessed to have each other, but they want you to know that you are not alone.  Reaching out for help is courageous.  These two know they have needed support and love.  Through all the struggles, this is how they have learned the most, gained the most depth and strength.  Join Michael and his mom and they talk through their cancer story that is relatable to all of us. 



  1. Ellen says:

    Another great podcast. Thank you for your sense of humor Michael! Keep smiling and keep the Faith Michael and Ashlee.


    1. Thank you Ellen!
      We love YOU! Thank you for listening…. it means so much to both of us……


    2. Mack says:

      Great episode! You are getting better and better at this. Love you❤️


      1. Aw!!! We love YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mack… it means so much….. to both of us.


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