Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 18, Talking to Survivor and Inspiration, Chuck Keels


Michael and mom talk to cancer survivor Chuck Keels about his miraculous story of healing from his stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis. After being placed in hospice and sent home to die peacefully, Chuck ended up back to the hospital with a broken back, felt the presence of God, and survived. He and his wife Hannah, also a stage 4 cancer survivor, started a foundation to support other survivors, encouraging them to Get Up and Live! The foundation “Live Hope Cancer Foundation” was born, encouraging those touched by cancer to GET UP AND LIVE!  Tragically, Hannah passed away in November of 2022, but her heart lives on through Chuck and the work they did together. More about Chuck and his foundation, advice, coaching, plus the 3 books that he has had published, can be found at https://www.getupandlive.org/ 


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