Michael and Mom Talk Cancer: Episode 19, talking to the one and only Matt Ode!


Michael and mom talk to cancer survivor and coach, Matt Ode who went from cancer to coma at age 24, when he was diagnosed with stage 3C testicular cancer.  After chemo and 5 surgeries Matt almost died multiple times from his severe complications. Before his cancer diagnosis Matt was a healthy personal trainer, weighing in at 185lb. After 8 months of treatment he dwindled down to 110lbs. After so much hard work and deep internal discovery, Matt Ode is cancer free and lives a vibrant, enthusiastic, energetic life, helping individuals transform their mind, body and spirt, as a transformation coach. He is truly a MIRACLE story and this interview is fun and fascinating, full of so many pieces of wisdom.  Matt and Michael have so much in common. The 3 find a life-long bond in the space of less than an hour.Find Matt on his website: https://mattodespeaks.com/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/takingbackyourlifeaftercancer



  1. Ellen says:

    Congratulations on another fantastic and powerful episode. HOPE = help one person every day- I just love that acronym.


    1. Ellen! Thank you so much for listening and for your beautiful feedback. We appreciate you so much, YES! The acronym, HOPE is a beautiful way to live life. We agree a thousand percent. It is now on my refrigerator! We love you!


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