1. Christina Broxterman says:

    I loved this episode. My son Will (leukemia/plasmablastic lymphoma survivor) went to high school with her son Brandon. Kristin introduced herself when Will was diagnosed (as a senior) and pushed for him to receive treatment at the Children’s Hospital — a move which ended up saving him. She is amazing. And I just attended Quiet Heroes – I left feeling a sense of community and support that is unmatched. Sending you both love, and I continue to be in awe of your strength!!! XO


    1. Christine this is beautiful! WOW! Kristin is incredible I agree. I am so grateful to hear that your son is a survivor, even though I know it stays with us forever….. not only the physical, but the mental side……but survivor……. it is huge. I am honored you listened to the podcast. I have only spoken with Kristin a few times, exchanged many emails, but her story, the lives she has touched, the mountains she has moved, in the name of pediatric cancer, PLUS she is an angel. I feel so blessed that we were able to interview her. I have heard other stories about her, the selfless, beautiful deeds she has done to help….. I hope to attend Quiet Heroes next year! I have heard from so. many mamas how that one day is, as you said, unmatched. The community and love….. I am sending you love, one mama caregiver to another. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment…. much love


      1. Christina Broxterman says:

        You all are more than welcome to stay with us if you come next year. I can’t wait to meet you. XO

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